Celebrating the dedication of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in healthcare!

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, PWDs continue their remarkable work in providing access to life-saving immunizations, including COVID-19 and routine vaccines, for their communities. Their unwavering commitment breaks down barriers and makes a significant difference in countless lives. 👏💙

PWDs tirelessly bring critical healthcare services to those in need, safeguarding not only individuals with disabilities but also their families and caregivers. Their efforts remind us of the importance of inclusive healthcare for all.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the World Bank for funding via IHPAU, enabling these incredible healthcare champions to make a real impact.

Let’s acknowledge and appreciate the essential role PWDs play in the fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Together, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate world. 💪💙

Emmanuel Ogundeyi

Emmanuel Abiodun Ogundeyi Website Administrator Directorate of Health Security And Emergency - MoHS Communication Department