Volunteering for safe vaccine uptake: Susan’s Bay youth encouraged others to join the queue


Volunteering for safe vaccine uptake: Susan’s Bay youth encouraged others to join the queue

PIRCSM NaCOVERC, Social Media Team
Freetown, Monday 25 October 2021
Two youths from Susan’s Bay community in Freetown received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine today and used the occasion to popularise the vaccine in their community.

The vaccine mobile team was at Susan’s Bay community as part of the Surge vaccination activities.

Abubakarr Kamara and Alhaji Deen made a decision to take the vaccine after listening to the community mobilizers.

Their friends and relatives indicated they will only take the vaccine if these two prove its safety as described by the community mobiliers.

Abubakarr and Alpha took the vaccine without any ill indications and displayed their vaccination cards to all . When the others saw this, they became persuaded and within an hour news began to spread in the community about the availability and safety of the vaccine.

Most of the young people who took the vaccine posted on their WhatsApp status with catchy messages to motivate other young people to take the vaccine.

Abubakarr said he received mixed feeling from his WhatsApp followers after posting his vaccination status.

“ One of my friends said he will take the vaccine anytime he is changed while another one said she will still observe me for a few days,” says Kamara.

This morning, NaCOVERC and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation together with their partners have commenced surge two of the vaccination campaign which is being rolled out nationwide.

If you are over 18 and not fully vaccinated, seize the opportunity to protect yourself and go for your vaccine. It is free.

Vaccines are available at vaccine sites across the country, and 300 mobile vaccine teams are visiting communities.


Emmanuel Ogundeyi

Emmanuel Abiodun Ogundeyi Website Administrator Directorate of Health Security And Emergency - MoHS Communication Department