The Kono District Health Management Team (KDHMT), has informed the public that the Eastern district has topped the fight against tuberculosis in the country. This was stated by the District Tuberculosis Treatment Lead,

The team lead informed newsmen that the district has successfully recorded a total treatment rate of Tuberculosis treatment at 92.1 per cent, which is undoubtedly the best score regarding TB treatment in the country.

Samuel Mills said the event was staged by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation alongside the District Health Management team with the view of updating the people on the district’s ground-hitting record in terms of TB and leprosy treatments nationwide.

He said that the event was a watershed and a defining moment for the district and surely, he noted that the event was staged together with COVID-19 District Stakeholders Sanitation activities which lasted for two days.

Moreover, he said that since the awareness of tuberculosis is strangely minimal; therefore, the district medical team has championed the plan, preventive and creative strategies in line with the success stories incurred in the fight against the disease.

He appreciated donors, patronizing partners and other key actors like the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for their material involvement and commitment to the realization of the tuberculosis success story in Kono District.

The Kono District Council Chairman, Sahr Solomon Gbondo, introspected in time the scourge of leprosy and tuberculosis and how patients with these ailments were being stigmatized in the communities but thanked the workforce employed by the district medical team for staging sensitization activities as one of their channels to reach out to targeted communities.

Acknowledging the good work of the district team and all other partners, Madam Finda Sinah, one of the key stakeholders present appreciated the team for the involvement of everybody, particularly women who have always taken a backseat in terms of impact and development trajectories across the district.

She also recognized the presence of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for the platform so provided, and also implored fellow participants to be the brand ambassadors for the dissemination of tuberculosis preventive and controlled measures messages.



Emmanuel Ogundeyi

Emmanuel Abiodun Ogundeyi Website Administrator Directorate of Health Security And Emergency - MoHS Communication Department