Encouraging signs of vaccines uptake in the last two days

Encouraging signs of vaccines uptake in the last two days

Sierra Leone-Freetown: In the first two days of the 10 days surge in Sierra Leone, some centers in Freetown have reported vaccines uptake as more people are turning up for the vaccine.

At the King Harman Road hospital, the mobilizers interviewed reported that the sensitization they have taken in the first two days of the surge saw people turning up for their jabs and still others are reluctant.


There were some men standing observing those that have consented to take the jab to see their reaction after taking the jab. Observing for some 10 to 15 minutes they were then convinced that the vaccine has no reaction and they said they will take the vaccine.


At the Youyi Building many people were there waiting to take the jab as well as the mobilizers urging people to take the vaccine moving around the offices as well as the Brookfields area so that they can get many people as possible to take the vaccines.


At Connaught hospital too people turned up and some of them interviewed said they are taking the vaccine because they believe it is safe after living with those that have taken and nothing happened to them.


Others say they believed in the messages given to them as it is for their own good, because if they take the vaccine they will not spread the virus neither will they get very sick.

Sierra Leone has brought the highly contagious Delta Variant under control after recording consistent single digits and occasional zero cases for 3 weeks in a row.


Communications Lead Harold Thomas said it will be more pleasing if all take the corona virus vaccines in the country are utilized by the people, which will be very encouraging for the country as well as get us from the red list in Britain.

Our vaccination sites have increased, so we are urging the unvaccinated to go and get their jabs because it is safe and efficacious and they will save their lives and families. The vaccine will definitely avert hospitalization and transmission so we are urging every unvaccinated 18 years and above to go and get their jabs to improve the health of the nation.

Mr Thomas said the more people that are vaccinated the better it will be for the restrictions to be lifted and for all of us to live a normal live. He said we must be guarded as Christmas is coming when many people will come for holidays as well as crowds of people in entertainment centers. If many people would have been vaccinated the chance of a surge during that period will be averted and the country will continue to record encouraging figures.


Emmanuel Ogundeyi

Emmanuel Abiodun Ogundeyi Website Administrator Directorate of Health Security And Emergency - MoHS Communication Department