We must do more to get more people vaccinated – Health Minister

We must do more to get more people vaccinated – Health Minister

Sierra Leone, Freetown: Minister of Health and Sanitation Dr Austin Demby yesterday Tuesday told health workers, mobilizers and vaccination teams that more has to be done to get more Sierra Leoneans vaccinated.

He said the result of the first five days of the 10 day surge is not that bad but urged that more has to be done because they want to make sure that they limit the spread of the virus and minimize the hospitalization of people.

“The reason why we are pleading and stressing to you all to take the vaccine is because those that have taken their jabs cannot spread the virus anymore and if they catch the virus again, it will be very easy for them to get cured, rather than those that are yet to take the vaccine. If you don’t take the vaccine, you will continue to be a carrier spreading the virus and when you are sick you will end up in hospital.”

The Minister said he is appealing to parents that are yet to take the vaccine and urge their children 18 years and over to do the same. He said he is looking to a safe Sierra Leone that fingers will not be pointed at.

“Last year by this time, Sierra Leone was well respected and commended for controlling the spread of the virus. We let down our guard when the Christmas holidays came with many Sierra Leoneans coming for holidays as some of them were asymptomatic. The end result … the virus overran us and until today we are fighting to regain that lost glory, which we must achieve before the Christmas holidays arrive.”

Dr Demby said Sierra Leone is still on the British red list even though we have been able to contain the Delta Variant. He said we have to do more so that we can minimize or eradicate the virus in the country.

He said the virus has really taken its toll on the economy and its time for us all to think positively about the virus that has never killed anyone. The Minister said the virus is safe and efficacious and all of them in the Cabinet including the President and Vice President have all taken their full dose.

“I am calling on you my brothers and sisters to look at the positive side and believe that the vaccine was made to contain the virus. If it was bad the producers of the vaccines would not have given it to their populace. China has vaccinated over a billion of their population, the United States have vaccinated more than 50% of their population. In England it is because of the high rate of vaccination that the Premier League is allowing spectators inside the stadiums.”

He appealed to all that School reopens next week and those pupils that are 18 years and over that are yet to take the vaccine should do so to keep themselves safe and their classmates.

COVID-19 vaccines offer hope, and as vaccines continue to be available, we must remember that preventive measures such as physical distancing, masks, and hand hygiene should continue after vaccination.


Emmanuel Ogundeyi

Emmanuel Abiodun Ogundeyi Website Administrator Directorate of Health Security And Emergency - MoHS Communication Department